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Smoked Domes and Globes

360 Degree Domes and Globes

Smartly designed theft deterrent can be strategically positioned and mounted with a camera or left empty. Shoplifters will never know which one is 'live'. Choose from clear to dark, each offering a full 360° field of view. Fits easily into all standard drop ceilings.
9in. Smokie Dome
smokie domes and globes
9" Smokie Dome
* with Ceiling Insert and Light Shield
* with 24" x 48" Ceiling Panel
observation domes
12in. Smokie Dome
12" Smokie Dome
* with Ceiling Insert and Light Shield
* with 24" x 48" Ceiling Panel
camera domes* Easy to Install
* Universal       
* Clear to Dark 
All types of CCTV surveillance cameras can be used with our Universal Camera Bracket.
One bracket fits all! Install numerous domes to give the illusion of a large security system.
22in. Smokie Dome
22" Smokie Dome
with Light Shield
* Dark Smokie Dome    
* Medium Smokie Dome
smoked domes and globes
Smokie Globe
Smokie Globe

The Smokie Globe gives a full 360° viewing area anywhere it's needed. Its interior camera holder/bracket makes mounting a TV camera a breeze. Safety wire runs up the conduit to secure the globe to the ceiling, providing added protection against the possibility of parts falling. Includes necessary hardware for fast, easy installation. (Conduit and conduit connectors not included)

* 12" Smokie Globe
* 22" Smokie Globe
* Universal Camera Bracket

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Hidden camera domes and globes