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See-Thru Mirrors

One-Way Viewer Mirrors for Direct Hidden Viewing

See-Thru Domes
1-Way See-Thru Viewer Mirror
  Retail Stores
Reception Areas
Money Rooms
180° Viewing Plus Directly Below Viewing Permits Photography for
Use as Evidence Against Thieves

See Without Being Seen!

A proven theft detection device that keeps customers and store employee honest! Easy to install. . . just cut a wall opening and attach with the provided screws. Attractive in design, it blends well with any decor
and is ideal for several locations throughout your store.

  one way view domes  
See-Thru Domes for camera or direct hidden viewing
  Our See-Thru Panels and Domes are designed for CCTV camera usage or visual viewing. A variety of sizes and shapes from Mirrored See-Thru to Smoke See-Thru are available.

Different colors are available on special order and custom cuts and shapes can be designed to fit the decor of most retail stores.

(NOTE: Special Packaging Costs May Apply For Small Orders)

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One-way mirrored domes and wall mount mirrors