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The Dome Mirror

Mirrored Domes allowing a full 360 Degree View

Domed Mirror for 360 degree reflective view
Observation mirror domes Gives Complete Visibility of an Area
Break-Resistant Acrylic Construction
Ideal for Stores, Supermarkets, Schools, Plants
3 Sizes to Choose from
 When large area surveillance is the problem, The Dome Mirror is the only solution. It gives a full 200° viewing area from one location alone. Constructed of strong acrylic, it has hanging wires which easily stretch to the ceiling.

18" Diameter / 360° -- DM-360-18
24" Diameter / 360° -- DM-360-24
26" Diameter / 360° -- DM-360-26
60" Diameter / 360° -- DM-360-60
( 90
° and 180° Mirrored Domes available on Request)

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Mirrored Observation Domes